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DISCOVER: the Simple Solution to
Beginner Drumming Problems!

Are you having trouble finding the right drum teacher and the best way of learning to play the drums? Do you have practice issues you'd rather be without? Are you confused about the concept of timekeeping and the deeper understanding of time?

… or maybe you're looking to learn some new approaches to drumming theories and concepts?

If that sounds like you then The Time Space and Drums Series is here to help you achieve your drumming goals and more.

After working for some of the biggest names in British show business for over 35 years, along with some of the best MD's (musical directors) in the business, learning, practicing, working across the country, home and abroad, solving practice and other problems along the way... it became clear that other drummers had to deal with these same issues. It is for that reason that I wrote:

Modern Drumming Concepts

A collection of drumming ideas, concepts, theories, and methods that are designed to take the complete beginner through the most common learning and practice issues they may encounter on their journey that builds the beginning drummers' level of understanding. At the same time removing some confusion. There are no exercises here. Just practical tips and advice to make your drumming journey as smooth as possible.

In the Modern Drumming Concepts guide you'll discover:

  • A completely new approach to thinking about, and playing in time, so you gain an advanced understanding of the drummer's most powerful concept. TIME! You'll also discover that time is really a secondary consideration when it comes to playing great time. As paradoxical as it sounds.
  • What time actually is, so you can approach drumming and playing in time with much more confidence.
  • That speed is an effect and not a cause you should focus on in order to play faster. This makes your focus shift to more productive approaches which then makes playing at speed a naturally occurring effect of learning how to play drums.
  • How to quickly solve the lack of practice problems so you make the most of your time and get the maximum results possible from your practice time!
  • Mind over body integrations that give you complete control of yourself and your drumming!
  • Why the scientific approach is more important than the artistic approach when you're just starting out right up to intermediate level, which then makes the time you spend practicing far more productive.

And more...

Other books in the series contain practice exercises to develop your drumming skills and abilities from the beginning but there are no exercises to practice here. Just ideas, methods, and concepts that will help make your drumming journey as easy and smooth as possible, as well as enhance everything you ever do as a drummer. And to subsequently help create a better outcome from your time in the practice room!

The difference between the great drummer and the average drummer is that the great drummer does what he needs to do today, to make sure their drumming is where they want it to be tomorrow! Absorbing and filtering every bit of information they can find along the journey. Which Drummer Do You Want to Be?
Get Modern Drumming Concepts to Make Sure You Are Where You Want to Be Tomorrow! TODAY!!!

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