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Whether you're a complete beginner, intermediate or more advanced player - whether you play in a garage band, your a semi-professional playing local gigs or you're a professional drummer playing professional gigs we at Time Space and Drums can help you to Achieve Even More...

You don't need an expensive drum tutor to achieve your goal to... 
Become a Great Drummer!

What you do need, are the right instruction's and the right tools that will take you Directly to your goal! 

In a Fraction Of The Time!

Written Exercises

Written Exercises are a Vital part of learning to play the drum especially those exercises that matter the most.

Audio Demonstrations

To help the beginning drummer get a deeper understanding of drumming! Training the ear to listen is vital, especially when written exercises are part of the learning.

Experienced Drummer/Teacher

An Experienced Drummer and Tutor who provides simple expert guidance is more or less a guarantee that you will receive the knowledge that counts the most.

Practice Schedule

Practicing what matters when it matters through a Proven Practice Schedule  and development plan ensure's you do what needs doing when it needs doing.


One of the most important characteristics for a drummer just starting out is having the Determination To Succeed! To start and complete your studies and practice.

A Winning Attitude

Attitude is a vital ingredient of every drummer, so it pays to get your attitude on your side to make doubly sure that the results you get from your drumming will go smoothly and mostly unhinderred.

Clear, Step-By-Step Drumming Instruction For:
Drummers of ANY Ability.

Clear, compelling instruction enabling you to catapult your skills to a whole new level.

The Time Space And Drums Solution

We have created a 12 part integrated series that enable you to learn "how to play the drums" from the ground up. Each part builds on the previous part to increase your skills exponentially.

To that end, the whole series was created with a central formula or theme:

Master The ART Of Leaving Space.

Then the things you play in time Become Great

You Can Get Started With The Complete 12 Week Program Right Away!

We recommend you follow the program through from the beginning to the end one part at a time until you have complete mastery over the simple techniques. Each week you'll receive a:

  • Digital Downloadable PDF version,
  • Audio Demonstration,
  • A Weekly Instruction Essence Meeting Video Audio Slide,
  • Weekly Project.
And lots more...
Or... Go It Alone! One Step at A Time With The Amazon Paperback Book Version!

We still recommend you follow the program through from the beginning to the end one part at a time until you have complete mastery over each part.

We Believe There Is A Great Drummer In YOU...

The Time Space and Drums Course was designed to bring that drummer out into the world.
Start building your drumming abilities at Time Space And Drums!

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