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NOW YOU CAN: Spend Less Time Searching for Answers and More Time Playing the Drums!

Are you a beginner and want answers to the most commonly asked drumming questions? Do you want to lessen the time you spend searching for answers and have solutions at the turn of a page? Are you ready to make your entrance into drumming as smooth as possible?

If that sounds like you then The Time Space and Drums Series is here to help you achieve your drumming goals and more.

After working for some of the biggest names in British show business for over 35 years, along with some of the best MD's (musical directors) in the business, learning, practicing, working across the country, home and abroad, solving practice and other drumming problems along the way... it became clear that other drummers had to deal with these same issues. It is for that reason that I wrote:

Common Drumming Questions:

A collection of "Frequently Asked Questions for Drummers Just Starting Out" that are designed to take the complete beginner through a process that builds the drummers' level of knowledge right from the start. The answers and solutions presented here can enhance your entrance into drumming and make it run much more smoothly by removing the need to manually search for answers.

Through this instantly available solutions resource, you will...

  • Learn what you should be practicing right from the start to make the most efficient use of your time when you're just getting started!
  • Discover the importance of reading music, where and when you need it to make learning new material an easy speedy process!
  • Become aware of easy ways to learn to play the drums without owning a drum kit so you can get started at any time!
  • Learn the difference between motivation and influence and how to take advantage of motivation to become a better drummer!
  • Learn the secrets to finding a teacher as well as the advantages of having a good teacher that helps you become better faster!
... and much more besides.

The Time Space and Drums Common Drumming Questions book is a supplement to the twelve main lesson books within the Time Space and Drums Series and covers a whole lot more than the most commonly asked drumming questions.

Other books in the series contain practice exercises to develop your drumming skills and abilities from the beginning but there are no exercises to practice here. Just answers to the most common beginner drumming questions that will help make your drumming journey as easy and smooth as possible, as well as some invaluable advice and tips to help you get the best out of yourself and your drumming.

So, if you like having the answers to the most commonly asked drumming questions, you want to lessen the time spent searching for answers, have the solutions within easy reach, and you  want to make your entrance into drumming as smooth as possible, then you'll love Stephen Hawkins's Common Drumming Questions - Time Space and Drums Supplemental Book.

And if you don't find the answers, you're looking for... simply follow the link in the book to ask the author anything related to your drumming development.

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