They Will Transform Your PRACTICE TIME into a More Compelling Machine That Generates FANTASTIC Results!!! 

Are you looking to get even better results from the time you currently spend practicing your drumming?

Do you want to achieve better progress in less time at a much lower price than it would normally cost you to achieve the same level of skill?

Or are you just starting out and want to make sure you learn the things that are most important to your short, medium, and long-term success?

If it's true that: "It's not what you do,
It's the way that you do it"

Then This Is Absolutely the Easiest and VERY BEST Way of Learning How to Play the Drums!!

The Biggest Mistake Most Drummers Make Is Moving Too Quickly onto Exercise Two When They Haven't Perfected Exercise One!

And of course, this is true for nearly every other area of life. It's like trying to play an intricate fusion beat when you haven't properly learned how to hold the sticks.

In the self-Improvement world there is a famous saying... "Success Breeds Success!". Which basically means when you SUCCESSFULLY execute and perfect exercise one, exercise two will almost always be more easily successfully executed. Then, exercise three will be more easily successful and so on.

This is basic common sense but due to today's need for Instant Gratification, we move onto exercise two, three, four and beyond before we have properly perfected (as near as possible) exercise one.

From that point, the drummer's abilities are reflected in the quality of practice he has had and the efforts he has made. Which of course can range from sloppy to mediocre, to good, to great, to phenomenal, to excellence! and beyond.

The drumming world at large is likewise reflected in the great and often famous drummers and their abilities. The excellent drummers always stand out from the rest. Then one success leads to another, and another. You get the picture!

And that is why...

Every Drummer Must Ultimately Choose Which Drummer They Want to Become?

That's Right! Success is a choice! It is a choice everyone makes "BEFORE" they begin any journey of development, whether that's learning to drive or learning to play the drums.

And in that choice success is then reflected. You wouldn't give up driving lessons because you couldn't find third gear... and you shouldn't give up learning to play the drums if you found your left hand was weak!

Instead, you choose success! and you choose to develop it, one step at a time. You then move onto the next step! Successfully! and Succeed at that!


Every Great and Solid Structure Is Built on Equally Great and SOLID FOUNDATIONS!

Throughout your drumming life you will be continuously returning to the foundations in order to improve upon them. That can become hard work if you don't create solid foundations to begin with. I call this journey...

From the Beginning To the End and Back!

And it is a constant cycle of improvement that is reflected in all great learning procedures, and is the reason I developed...

The Drumming Course That Beats Them All...

The Time Space and Drums 12 Part Drumming FOUNDATIONS Course.

Which Comprises Of:

Rock Drumming Foundation Course. (Six In-Depth Drum Lessons).

Jazz Drumming Foundation Course. (Six In-Depth Drum Lessons).

Rock Drumming Development Course. (Six In-Depth Drum Lessons).

Jazz Drumming Development Course. (Six In-Depth Drum Lessons).

Odd Time Drumming Foundation Course. (Six In-Depth Drum Lessons).

Music Minus Drummer Collection. (Six In-Depth Drum Lessons).

Accents and Phrasing Course. (Four In-Depth Drum Lessons).

Basic Latin Drumming Foundation Course. (Six In-Depth Drum Lessons).

Developing Creativity Volume 1. (Six In-Depth Drum Lessons).

Developing Creativity Volume 2. (Six In-Depth Drum Lessons).

Developing Creativity Volume 3. (Six In-Depth Drum Lessons).

Developing Creativity Volume 4. (Six In-Depth Drum Lessons).


The First Steps to Success!!
After 30 Years of long, hard study and practice I began to realize that almost every venue I played required me to play just a handful of rhythms and techniques extremely well. I honed in on those techniques and began to write them all down in the order they could best be studied, practiced and perfected.  

As you progress through the course you will discover the progressive nature of the course and come to realize that speed isn't about how fast you can play at all. Paradoxical I know, but equally true. You will discover simple techniques that increase your speed and precision immeasurably. These and more tips and tricks are all covered in the course.

The Advantage of Becoming Your Own Master

This course makes you the master of your own destiny through a collection of easy to understand, easy to use tools that guide you step-by-step along your path. The benefits of which are many. Including:


Each course part contains a collection of Audio Files (mp3 format) for you to listen to from your computer or on the road. (Just burn the files to a disc or use an mp3 player). Being able to hear each exercise will help you to develop probably the most important aspect of drumming. Your ear's!


Every exercise within each of the course parts is written down so you can see as well as hear what each exercise sounds like. (Learning to read drum charts is a vital part of drumming). Imagine being able to quickly write a drum chart for each new song you learn. You'll learn new material much faster than without a personalized chart to follow.


Save Time & Money on drum instruction methods and private lessons. Of course, time is more important than money but the time and money you save though this course will allow you to take your drumming much further. It would normally take approximately three to six years to integrate all of these techniques through an external teacher. You discover everything you need to know within 12 short weeks.


Use as A Supplement to Your Present Tuition - Study the course parts alongside your present private lessons for Unbeatable Advantages. An outside drum tutor can often learn you a lot as you develop as a drummer but integrating private lessons with the Drumming Foundations program will help in each direction. The Drumming Foundations program will add to your private lessons and your private lessons will greatly add to the Drumming Foundations program making you a better drummer in the shortest possible time.


Learn to read music as you develop, giving you access to more advanced playing and playing situations. Band leaders love to know that you can read drum charts as it lets them hear the finished arrangement instantly. Drum charts are a very important part of learning to play the drums as drum charts form the foundation that allows you to create your own interpretation of the chart. This can then open the doors to greater versatility as a drummer.


No traveling to and from expensive tutors, saving you both time and money. Time is what drumming is all about and so every drummer should spend their time wisely by learning how to best control both time and what they play and do within the space that time creates. Saving time then becomes a prerequisite to better control of time. All of which leads to a better drummer in the long and short term.


Not half hour or even one hour of overpriced tuition but 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year of vital practical drum instruction at your fingertips anytime day or night.
The Benefits Last A Lifetime

In other words, you will have at your fingertips over 35 years of practice, study and experience to call on whenever you need. A Wealth of Drumming Knowledge and Know-How all from the same source so there's no searching and watching hundreds of hours of mostly time-wasting videos. You get the answers and solutions you want, when you want them. You will be taken from beginner to intermediate within a very short period and then begin to move from intermediate to advanced after perfecting the whole 12-part program.

You'll have the course contents for life so you can return to them anytime you want in order to improve even further!
Those words of wisdom simply mean that after you successfully begin the program you must Successfully master exercise one.
Then you can move on to perfect exercise 2 successfully.
And remember...
Success is a DECISION. A Decision to Master each step as you go along. So, Make a Wise Decision TODAY! 
Then you'll be where you want to be tomorrow.
The Right Tools - Perfect Results

The course was developed to provide all the instruction and tools that would be Easy to learn, Easy to Follow and contained only Usable Exercises and Rhythms instead of the lack of usable rhythms and advanced techniques that were included in the majority of available drum books and courses.

Even the most basic drum instruction books don't include the basics. Instead they're filled from beginning to end with advanced basic techniques that offer little value to the drummer just starting out.
The Time, Space and Drums Course Is Different

We wanted to create a product that even the complete beginner could utilize to enable him/her to Develop a Solid Foundation of Drumming Skills, Quickly, Easily and Effectively.

We believe we have produced that product with The Time and Space 12-Part Drumming Foundations Program.

The Program provides the Vital Foundation and Development Tools for you to build on later, making sure that even after the strongest of winds, "Your Structure Still Stands Firmly".

Take A Look at What The Time, Space and Drums Program Parts Include:
Rock Drumming Foundation:
Gravity: Volume One 

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Beginning Pointers
  • Feet and Hand Positions
  • Posture
  • 1/4 Note Rock Beat & Fills
  • 1/8th Note Rock Beat & Fills
  • 1/16th Note Rock Beat & Fills
  • 1/16th Note Variation 1 & Fills
  • 1/16th Note Variation 2 & Fills
  • 1/8th Note Disco Beat & Fills
  • Understanding Rudiments
  • Featured Drummer

Jazz Drumming Foundation:
Gravity: Volume Two

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • 12/8 Triplet Beat & Drum Fills
  • 4/4 Shuffle Beat & Drum Fills
  • 4/4 Jazz Beat & Drum Fills
  • Using the Brushes
  • 1/16th Note Shuffle Beat
  • Developing Drum Fills
  • Understanding Rudiments
  • Featured Drummer

Rock Drumming Development:
Constellations: Volume One 

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Snare Drum Development
  • Bass Drum Development
  • Bass Drum & Snare Drum Mixed Combination Exercises
  • 1/16th Note Bass Drum & Snare Drum Combination Exercises
  • 1/16th Note Variations 1
  • 1/16th Note Variations 2
  • Understanding Rudiments
  • Featured Drummer

Jazz Drumming Development:
Constellations: Volume Two 

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Snare Drum Development Exercises Using 12/8 Triplets
  • Bass Drum Development Exercises Using 12/8 Triplets
  • Bass Drum & Snare Drum Mixed Combination Exercises
  • 1/16th Note Bass Drum & Snare Drum Exercises
  • 1/16th Note Variations 1 & 2
  • Understanding Rudiments
  • Featured Drummer

Odd Time Drumming Foundation:

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • 3/4, 6/8 Time Using 1/4, 1/8th 1/16th Note, Shuffle & Swing Beats
  • 5/4 Time
  • 7/4 Time
  • 9/4 Time
  • 5/8, 7/8, Time
  • 9/8 Time
  • Understanding Rudiments
  • Featured Drummer

Minus Drum Drumming

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Put the Hole in The Mix
  • Let’s Go Outside
  • Convicts in The House
  • Where My Ladies At
  • Kick It
  • Casanova
  • Understanding Rudiments
  • Featured Drummer

Accents Drumming Development:

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1/8th 1/16th Note Accents In 2/4 and 4/4 Time
  • 1/8th 1/16th Note Accents In 3/4 and 4/4 Time
  • 1/8th 1/16th Note Accents In 5/4 and 7/4 Time
  • Triplet Accents In 3/8, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 And 5/4
  • Understanding Rudiments
  • Featured Drummer

Basic Latin Drumming Foundation:

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Samba Beat
  • 2,3 & 3, 2 Claves
  • Clave Variation
  • Cha Cha, Tango, Bolero & Rumba Beats
  • Understanding Rudiments
  • Featured Drummer

Developing Creativity
Drumming Foundation: Volume One 

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Accented Rhythms In 3/4 and 4/4 Time
  • Accented Rhythms In 5/4 and 7/4 Time
  • Triplet Accented Rhythms
  • Odd Groupings in 4/4 Time
  • Understanding Rudiments
  • Featured Drummer

Developing Creativity
Drumming Foundation: Volume Two

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1/16th Note Triplets with The Bass & Snare Drums
  • Open H-Hat Variations
  • Open H-Hat & Variation LH Patterns
  • Open H-Hat Variations
  • Understanding Rudiments
  • Featured Drummer

Developing Creativity
Drumming Foundation: Volume Three

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Patterns & Rests in 4/4 Time
  • 1/16th Note & 1/16th Note Triplet Patterns
  • 4 Bar Phrases in Rock Time
  • 4 Bar Phrases in Swing Time
  • Interpreting Phrases
  • Understanding Rudiments
  • Featured Drummer

Developing Creativity
Drumming Foundation: Volume Four

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1/4 Note Triplets Using 12/8
  • 1/4 Note Triplets Using Shuffle
  • 1/4 Note Triplets Using Swing
  • 1/4 Note & 1/8th Note Triplets Using The 12/8 Rhythm
  • 1/4 Note & 1/8th Note Triplets Using the Shuffle Beat
  • 1/4 Note & 1/8th Note Triplets Using the Swing Beat
  • Understanding Rudiments
  • Featured Drummer

Everything you need to guarantee Your Own SUCCESS.
Do TODAY what needs to be done to make sure you are where you want to be TOMORROW!
BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... Since we know it's 100% to the benefit of your drumming and your advantage to act right away, we want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to Say YES Today! If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following:
Bonus #1: Creating A Universe

A short document in the form of a letter that perfectly describes the development and creative process. A Useful Metaphor for your present and future development that also explains the number one governing rule that you absolutely must manipulate to your own personal and drumming advantage! Without it, success in any area is virtually impossible!
Bonus #2: Universal Constants 

This further enhances your understanding of the journey your about to embark on and describes the Art and Science of Drumming In-Depth. Giving Better Understanding of the deeper fundamental drumming philosophies at work as you progress and develop as a drummer.
Bonus #3: Modern Drumming Concepts 

This book gives the drummer some new fundamental approaches, theories, and concepts involved in drumming that help the drummer just starting out as well as the intermediate drummer to approach their drumming with as much knowledge and readily available solutions as possible. It also takes a fascinating and In-Depth look at Your Most Valuable Commodities. TIME and SPACE!
Bonus #4: Common Drumming Questions 

This book answers many questions to help the beginning drummer approach various areas involved in drumming with a wider understanding, allowing them to more easily move through the many common problems and issues experienced by most drummers just starting out. It covers over 50 of the most common drumming questions you may have and then provides possible solutions.
Bonus #5: Getting the Gig 

Getting the Gig is a short document that describes some Audition & Interview Techniques for Drummers that will help the modern drummer to improve his or her chances of Getting the Gig. The gig getting process is explained from a standard job interview perspective but covers some basic information aimed specifically at drummers.
Bonus #6: The Drummers Glossary of Musical Terms 

Having an understanding of drumming and music terminology as well as a basic understanding of the most commonly used musical terms and abbreviations is an essential part of learning to play the drums and reading drum music charts. This document covers all of the most common terms that you will come across as a growing drummer.

Master the ART of Leaving Space.

Then the things you play in time Become Great!

So, if you're fed up of lack of success and progress with your drumming due to confusion and not knowing which way to turn next...
...and you just want to get even more done and move into greater success and mastery on a daily basis...
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And if you're worried that this is just another one of those 'drum instruction book collections that offers no real value, one of those books or programs filled with unusable content, or one of those over produced, time-wasting video programs that go on-and-on about how to do something instead of just telling you how to do it in a simple and more to the point QUICK fashion' then I have good news.

This program contains very few videos telling you how great we are. We much prefer providing students with the tools to help them become great themselves.

It contains only usable content that improves your playing. Although every drumming book can learn you something, we included only exercises that you can use in the real world of drumming.

And it gets to the point quickly" We recently watched several drumming videos teaching 'How to hold the drum sticks' and 90% of those videos went right around the houses and after watching 20 minutes into each, we still didn't know how to hold the drum sticks from those videos. We don't waste your time!

In short, this whole programs focus and purpose is on how you can become great!

And what's more... your purchase today is backed by Our UNSHAKABLE GUARANTEE To You!...

'Become A Better Drummer
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In other words, if you don't start Improving Your Drumming on A Consistent Basis in Your First 30 Days... ...just let us know and you'll receive a full and prompt refund... no questions asked.

We obviously don't think it'll come to that, but if you're even the least bit worried if this will benefit you, then put your mind at ease. You either get the results you want or you get your money back.

It's as simple as that!


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Each week you will receive an audio video recording that describes the Real Purpose and Essence of each part of the Drumming Foundations program - PLUS! a Judgement Day Project for you to test your new drumming skills and then get feedback from other members as well as the TimeSpaceAndDrums team. 

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