• Modern Drumming Concepts

In drumming and in life there is an undercurrent that runs inconspicuously below the surface acting as an underlying success meter. That fundamental undercurrent is simplicity itself yet impacts every life and every endeavor including drumming.

It's not what you do... It's the way that you do it!

It's not about how great you are right now... it's about how great you decide you are going to become. It's not even about how technically you can play the drums right at this present moment, it's about the degree of mastery you hold over basic fundamentals.

After employing the simple processes within the Rock Drumming Foundation, you will begin to play with more precision, more skill backed by better timing and in a completely masterful way!

The WAY... is one of the fundamental life strategies... The way you do the things that you do... and the good news is that there is ONLY ONE WAY to do anything. MASTERFULLY!

The Time Space and Drums ROCK DRUMMING FOUNDATION will help you achieve mastery through six rock drumming lessons, designed to take the complete beginner to intermediate drummer through a process that builds a solid rock drumming foundation; as well as help the intermediate drummer enhance his/her skills through more focused, improvement practice sessions.

As well as learning how to play the drums, this course of drumming lessons also covers:

  • Basic music notation and drum theory.
  • Drum buyers guide,
  • Tips on seating posture,
  • Holding the sticks,
  • Practice tips and attitude,

...so, the student will emerge with a fully rounded rock drumming foundation and a masterful approach to doing everything as well as basic music theory and reading skills.

All advanced rock drumming concepts are built on these practical, yet vital fundamental skills and so this book forms a complete rock drumming foundation for the beginning student to build on later.

These are the building blocks to lay that solid rock foundation of drumming skills.


Audio Demonstrations are available free to owners of The Time Space and Drums ROCK DRUMMING FOUNDATION book.

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Modern Drumming Concepts

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