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If it's true that:"It's not what you do, It's the way that you do it"
Then This Is Absolutely The Easiest and VERY BEST Way of Learning How To Play The Drums!!


The Drumming Course That Beats Them All...

The Time Space And Drums 12 Part Drumming Course.

Which Comprises Of:

Rock Drumming Foundation Course. (Six In Depth Drum Lessons).

Jazz Drumming Foundation Course. (Six In Depth Drum Lessons).

Rock Drumming Development Course. (Six In Depth Drum Lessons).

Jazz Drumming Development Course. (Six In Depth Drum Lessons).

Odd Time Drumming Foundation Course. (Six In Depth Drum Lessons).

Music Minus Drummer Collection. (Six In Depth Drum Lessons).

Accents And Phrasing Course. (Four In Depth Drum Lessons).

Basic Latin Drumming Foundation Course. (Six In Depth Drum Lessons).

Developing Creativity Volume 1. (Six In Depth Drum Lessons).

Developing Creativity Volume 2. (Six In Depth Drum Lessons).

Developing Creativity Volume 3. (Six In Depth Drum Lessons).

Developing Creativity Volume 4. (Six In Depth Drum Lessons).

Written & Audio Demonstrations

Each Part includes Every Exercise Written and Demonstrated so you can easily grasp the lessons and exercises, as well as giving you more control and a faster route to dumming mastery.

The First Steps To Success!!
After 30 Years of long, hard study and practice I began to realize that almost every venue I played required me to play just a handful of rhythms and techniques. I honed in on those techniques and began to write them all down in the order they should be studied, practiced and perfected.  

As you progress through the course you will discover the progressive nature of the course and come to realized that speed isn't about how fast you can play. Paradoxical I know, but equally true. You will discover simple techniques that increase your speed and precision immeasurably. These are all covered in the course.

The Advantage Of Becoming Your Own Master

This course makes you the master of your own destiny through a collection of easy to understand, easy to use tools that guide you step-by-step along your path. The benefits of which are many. Including:


Each course part contains a collection of Audio Files (mp3 format) for you to listen to from your computer or on the road. (Just burn the files to a disc)


Every exercise within each of the courses is written down so you can see as well as hear what each exercise sounds like. (Learning to read drum charts is a vital part of drumming).


Save Time & Money on drum instruction methods and private lessons.


Use As A Supplement To Your Present Tuition - Study the courses alongside your present private lessons for Unbeatable Advantages.


Learn to read music as you develop, giving access to further more advanced playing and playing situations.


No traveling to and from expensive tutors, saving you both time and money.


Not half hour or even one hour of overpriced tuition but 24 hours a day seven days a week, 365 days per year of vital practical drum instruction at your fingertips anytime day or night.
The Benefits Last A Lifetime

You will have at your fingertips 30 years of practice, study and experience to call on when ever you need. A Wealth of Knowledge from the same source. You will be taken from beginner to intermediate within a very short period and from intermediate to advanced after perfecting the whole 12 part course.

You'll have the course contents for life so you can return to them anytime you want.
Those words of wisdom simply mean that after you successfully order the course you must Successfully master exercise one. Then you can move on to perfect exercise 2 successfully.
Success is a DECISION. A Decision to Master each step as you go along. Make a Wise Decision TODAY. Then you'll be where you want to be tomorrow.
The Right Tools - Perfect Results

The course was developed to provide all the instruction and tools that would be Easy to learn, Easy to Follow and contained only Usable Exercises and Rhythms instead of the lack of usable rhythms and advanced techniques that were included in the majority of available drum books and courses.

Even the most basic drum instruction books don't include the basics. Instead they're filled from beginning to end with advanced basic techniques that offered little to the drummer just starting out.
The Time, Space And Drums Course Is Different

We wanted to create a product that even the complete beginner could utilise to enable him/her to develop a Solid Foundation of Drumming Skills, Quickly, Easily and Effectively.

We believe we have produced that product with The Time And Space 12 Part Drumming Course.

The Course provides the Vital Foundation and Development Tools for you to build on later, making sure that even after the strongest of winds, "Your Structure Still Stands Firmly".

Take A Look At The Time, Space And Drums Course Parts

Click each of the images below to take a look at each of the 12 course parts contents.
Everything you need to guarantee Your Own SUCCESS.
Do TODAY what needs to be done to make sure you are where you want to be TOMORROW!
Since we know it's 100% to your benefit and advantage to act right away, we want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES Today! If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following:
Bonus #1: Creating A Universe

A short document describing the creative process. A Useful Metaphor for your development.
Bonus #2: The Language Of Drums

This further enhances your understanding of the journey your about to embark on and describes the Art And Science Of Drumming In Depth. Giving Better Understanding.
Bonus #3: Time Management

A fascinating and In Depth look at time management techniques assuring you get the very best out of your most Valuable Commodity. TIME.
Our Unshakable Guarantee To You.

The Time And Space Drum Team are commited to providing you with great products at great prices. This Exclucive Collection is available now! If for any reason you are not completely satified with the product we will refund your payment in full without question.

Master The ART Of Leaving Space.

Then the things you play in time Become Great

We Believe There Is A Great Drummer In YOU...

The Time Space and Drums Course was designed to bring that drummer out into the world.
Start building your drumming abilities at Time Space And Drums!

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