About Us

The TimeSpaceAndDrums Social Community was developed by a Community of Programming Experts as a tool to Help Bring Drummers of all levels together and help them get more out of their Drumming Activities!

Here at TimeSpaceAndDrums we aim to provide a safe and friendly atmosphere for drummers of all levels with a place to meet other drummers and to share their interests with others through the use of special interest groups, blogs and forums and other tools available at TimeSpacAnddrums. It is our aim to provide each user with the means to communicate and share ideas with each other and possibly meet like minded people via the TimeSpaceAndDrums Online Social Community Service. To that end the TimeSpaceAndDrums Social Community is the heart of The TimeSpaceAndDrums service.

Since the first TimeSpaceAndDrums community began in May 2013, it has been diversified, modernized, improved considerably and has become an even more popular Community.

In conformity with the "Helping Average Drummers Become Great Drummers"
mission, TimeSpaceAndDrums strongly believes that online social community services should be easy to access and use as well as being offered free of charge to an ever increasing audience, since the Community Unites Drummers of different cultures, nationalities and races with a common interest.

TimeSpaceAndDrums carries out it's mission of "Helping Average Drummers Become Great Drummers" through The TimeSpaceAndDrums Community, and other network locations 
by constantly improving and updating The TimeSpaceAndDrums Drumming Course and other drum learning aids.

In order to: Making A Great Drummer out of YOU!  

TimeSpaceAndDrums Social Community is a positive online experience that enables the individual to get even more out of their drumming and life by helping you discover the very best friendships and possible partners.

So ask yourself. Are You Going To Be A Great Drummer?

Only YOU Have The Answer?

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